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Interior Wall Removal: Benefits and Cautions

Interior wall removal offers many benefits to property owners including enhanced livability, greater enjoyment of space, and value appreciation. However property owners should be aware that there are serious risks and certain precautions to consider before attempting such a major update, and it may be best to consult with a professional. If you’ve recently considered remodeling your home and the removal of walls are in your plans, then this article is for you…

Open Floor Plan

One of the most exciting benefits of removing interior walls is the realization of an open floor plan. The removal of barriers allow open spaces which will make your home appear larger and grander than ever before. Open floor plans are not only currently trending ; they can also increase the value of your property altogether.

More Natural Light

Walls tend to absorb natural light, especially dark ones. Keep your wall paint light in the bedrooms should you want to brighten up these rooms with sunlight. By removing walls (for example in the living room and dining room), you allow natural light to flows where it was never previously able to exist. The result is greater visibility and enjoyability of your living space.

Improved Traffic and Flow

A wall is a barrier which reduces the space available for foot traffic in your home. If you’ve found yourself feeling crowded by walls which provide little space for travel through hallways and passages or limit your furniture and decor options in small rooms, consider wall removal to open up space for comfortable travel throughout your home and more design flexibility. Enjoy the full benefits of an open floor plan, or if you still want to designate space, you may wish to opt for the addition of more subtle wall dividers as furniture which can achieve this goal without hindering foot traffic.

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Consult an Expert for Interior Wall Removal to Save Yourself Time and Ensure Quality Work.

Risks and Cautions

Flooring (in particular hardwood floors) requires special care and attention when removing an interior wall. While carpet is typically comprised of color or pattern, hardwood flooring fits seamlessly together in a more complex array of panels. These panels are placed later in the building process and are situated around walls rather than underneath them. As a result, the removal of a wall will create a gap in hardwood flooring which will need to be filled. Ideally new flooring will accompany your wall removal, but other methods may be available. Consult with a professional to help you determine the best course of action.

Utility lines must also be considered when removing a wall in your home. Gas, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning may be routed through the walls you intend to take out. As part of planning your project, you will need to ensure that these utilities can be rerouted before attempting to take out a wall. Don’t forget to plan for this extra cost in your budget as well.

One of the most detrimental mistakes, commonly made in DIY projects and by less experienced contractors, is the removal of a load bearing wall. These walls actually hold the structure together including the ceiling and any upper floors. As a result, the removal of these supports may cause serious damage which can be very expensive to repair later. The removal of such walls is not impossible, but greater care must be taken including the installation of a necessary support to replace the wall you’re removing. For best results contact a professional for advice, planning, and the assurance of quality work.

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