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Artist Feature: Lourdes En Fleur

Born in Portland , Or and raised in Tacoma , WA, Lourdes  has  been drawing since he was a child and began to hone his craft at 19. His career began in doing portraitures and blossomed at 28 focusing mainly in perfecting his skills in the art world

Big influences were his parents’ collections of high end magazines such as Vogue, Elle, W, GQ. The high contrast photography of hate couture advertisements were common visuals as well as the scenery of Architectural Digest and Design.

Whether creating artwork on clothing, murals or fine art, the ultimate experience for the viewer is his/her first impression. Subtleties , lines, patterns, vantage points and how the human eye is drawn around the space are considered when creating


“I believe art within any landscape should either put the viewer at ease, urging them to stay a while, or it should cause disruption in their souls. There is no in-between. For that is boredom, like overworked art, like a shopping aisle magazine. Im in love with architecture, photography and interior design. I believe great art must consider ll of these elements. ” LOURDES en FLEUR