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Wallpaper Revamped!

Nature-inspired, animal print patterns and textures give today’s wall coverings an updated look…

After taking a backseat to paint, particularly faux finishes, wallpaper is making a fashionable comeback! No longer a wallflower, it’s now avidly wooed by designers and savvy homeowners because of its warmth and personality. Clients don’t necessarily want to furnish, they want to decorate; they want a look. They consider wallpaper a decorator’s touch that ties it all together. Wallpaper seems to be an instant rejuvenation.

Florals and stripes have been updated with bolder and more daring textures. A new take on some classics, others are subtle patterns being used to add depth and dimension.

Designers appreciate the new textured papers, often described as “architectural”–because they enhance both cutting–edge and  “transitional” decors (Traditional metamorphosis- effectively bridging the gap between old and new decorating schemes.

Most of the new designs are inspired by nature and wildlife. Some resemble granite or others leather, with a look so real that you have to touch the wall to determine what it really is. Other papers copy wood grain or use real wood veneers.

Featured image by Elitis, “Memoire Zebré”

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